Fourtess Security Screw

Product Details

  • Two-way Security Screw
  • Tamper Resistant Screw
  • Can only be inserted and removed with BFC Security Long Drive Bit
  • Double ended 50mm Long Drive Bit fits directly into Drill Chuck
  • Case hardened steel with high corrosion resistance – Plated Magni 565 (chisel/drill/saw resistant)
  • Max Torque for steel 25NM
  • Machine screws available from stock include: M8X35, M8X40, M8X50
  • Self-threading screws available from stock include: M8X25, M8X35, M8X45

Mesh Fencing

High strength mesh fencing has proven to be a hugely popular form of security fencing twinned with providing visibility. BFC Security supplies millions of fasteners and components every year to guarantee the strength and resilience of mesh fencing globally.

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