Tamperdrive Security Screw

Product Details

  • Universal security fastener
  • No need to pre-drill, the Tamper Drive can be inserted straight into any material
  • Contributes to the reduction in labour costs
  • Low profile, tamper resistant underhead drive (virtually invisible once installed)
  • Self-drilling screws for quick installation into steel up to 14mm in thickness
  • Powder coated head available to order in any colour
  • Used in conjunction with BFC secure Mesh-Loc Washers, when securing welded mesh
  • Sizes available from stock include: 5X25 (for up to 3mm sheet) 5X34 (for up to 14mm sheet) 5X38 (for up to 3mm sheet)
  • Stainless steel available in specified sizes

Mesh Fencing

High strength mesh fencing has proven to be a hugely popular form of security fencing twinned with providing visibility. BFC Security supplies millions of fasteners and components every year to guarantee the strength and resilience of mesh fencing globally.


Vacant Property Security

Damage to empty properties through vandalism and arson is said to cost millions of pounds every year, which is why securing vacant properties is essential. Save costs and secure vacant properties with help from a range of vacant property security fasteners and components from BFC Security.

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