Company Management

  • A clear Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report (CSSR)
  • Human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Due diligence and codes of conduct
  • Complaints, grievance and appeal procedures, including external stakeholders

Human Rights & Working Conditions

  • Diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Rights of minorities an indigenous people
  • Natural resource rights and forced evictions
  • Certified Human Rights and working conditions management system

Business Ethics

  • Fair competition, anti-trust, and counterfeit parts
  • Bribery and inducements
  • Staff training

Health & Safety

  • Policies on protective equipment, emergency preparedness & fire prevention/protection
  • Risk assessments, including workplace ergonomics
  • Certified Heath & Safety management system


  • Measures of renewable energy and Greenhouse gas reduction targets (SBTi approved*)
  • Energy management system certification
  • Policies covering all areas, from water and air quality to animal welfare and recycling
  • Targeted reductions for suppliers

Responsible Supply Chain Management

  • A clear CSSR requirement for suppliers
  • Clear policies that are monitored with suppliers that reflect our own Company Management, Human Rights, Working Conditions and Ethics
  • Audit suppliers to ensure adherence to policies and management systems or processes

*SBTi approved – Science Based Targets Initiative