Industrial – Case Studies

Industrial – Case Studies

Industrial – Case Studies

Industrial – Case Studies

Industrial – Case Studies

One customer is a multinational with manufacturing sites in over thirty countries. Specialising in domestic appliance, electrical and electronics sub-assemblies, we supply a range of bespoke and standard fasteners to them and are a chosen supplier due to:

Our processes for dealing with to bespoke product requirements

Fast response

Strong service levels

Competitive pricing

Consistency of supply

This specialist manufacturer of suction and oxygen therapy products is a long standing customer of ours. We work closely to ensure we have the right inventory levels to support their production schedules and our team ensure our standards remain at the high levels required.

High quality standard fasteners

Competitive prices

Strong service levels

Great customer support

BFC were approached by a manufacturer developing a new type of domestic roof tile that required a bespoke fastener solution. Our team were able to specify, develop and supply an effective working solution that worked to the technical specifications required by the manufacturer. Their solution has now won multiple awards and is part of a portfolio of products that help their business go from strength to strength.

Product development to customer technical specification

Stock and inventory support

Cost effective solution

Consistent supply

Strong level of service

One of our customers is a leading manufacturer in this sector. We supply a large range of high-quality standard fasteners as well as some bespoke fastener solutions for both interior and exterior lighting. We work closely with them, focusing on supply chain and stock support. Key points include:

Large volume and variety of fast-moving fasteners

Bespoke solutions to meet technical specifications

Supply chain and stock support

Supporting just-in-time manufacturing process

High service levels and support