General Suspension Clutch With Captive Splitter Wire

Product Details

  • Safe working load is 18 kilos maximum
  • For use with 1.5mm galvanised wire
  • High quality brass, satin nickel finish
  • Suitable for splitter wires
  • SKU: 299531006409UD

A variation on our original suspension clutch with a robust 10mm x 34mm body but with a further layer of safety. The vertically sawn slot is replaced by a horizontal through hole. Therefore the splitter wire must be pre-assembled on to the clutch. Whilst the splitter wire can be moved along its length for balancing, it cannot be removed. It is still fixed with an M6 Socket Grubscrew at the base.

This allows connection via the splitter wire to create two fixing points for balance.

The suspension wire passes vertically through the clutch.

Whilst height adjustment is achieved by depressing the top plunger to allow the clutch to move up and down vertically along the suspension wire.

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