Aerospace – Case Studies

Aerospace – Case Studies

Aerospace – Case Studies

Aerospace – Case Studies

Aerospace – Case Studies

Captive Screws, Nozzles, Flex Loc Nuts

This customer is a key player manufacturing electronics and systems for both civil and military aircraft applications. This range of steel and stainless stell standard aerospace fasteners are supplied by BFC, with the key difference in setting BFC apart is

Price – A competitive and stable price

Stock – Stock support in our UK warehouse.

On time deliveries, with the ability to ship anywhere in the world quickly, with customer clearance when necessary

Anodised Aluminium and Cad Plated Steel turned parts and press Stainless Steel pins

In this example, BFC supplies critical components to a customer who a market leader in manufacturing systems and components for military and civil helicopters. Product specification to delivery of the finished product was managed by our team to ensure all of the customers requirements were met.

BFC supported with full supply chain management, not only meeting project deadlines, but ongoing stock support to ensure the customer’s demand requirements are met in full.

Fast turnaround on costs and sample production

Competitive, stable pricing through the lifespan of the parts

Lock in the manufacturing process and move to bulk production

Full certification and processes in line with AS/EN 9120