High Standards


Commercially Focused

Personal Development

From the moment you join the Tibbetts Group, you become part of the Tibbetts family, not just a number in a company.  Jonathan Tibbetts, our Group Managing Director, truly believes in Tibbetts and what we stand for; our business today is centred around customers, suppliers, people, product and process; employees are asked to engage with all aspects of Tibbetts to succeed within the business.

At the Tibbetts Group we very much feel the ‘culture of champions’ allows all employees to make a difference. To continually improve processes and procedures, all employees are promised a minimum of three days training per year. Employees are encouraged to request any training that they feel may assist them in completing their roles or helping them achieve their career ambitions within Tibbetts.

Our preferred methods of recruitment will always be internal applications, succession planning or direct referrals (for which we pay, £1,000 taxable referral fee) as we truly believe our employees are our best source to access talent.

Every employee has a Work Performance Review appraisal (WPR) which takes place every 12 months as a minimum, where we record your performance, any training needs and career aspirations, so if you have goals you wish to achieve, we will work with you to reach them. We also appreciate that whilst this will motivate some, for others it will simply be the satisfaction in knowing they’ve done a good day’s work. Whatever you are motivated by, at Tibbetts we will be thankful for your continued hard work and commitment.