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Wire Suspensions

Wire suspensions provide a means by which lighting, trunking and heating and ventilation systems can be quickly and safely suspended in all manner of applications.

Experience indicates each application requires a unique set of suspension components. The key to our offer is to combine the highest quality components together with the most flexible and responsive service in order to provide cost effective customer specific solutions within a short time frame.

In short

  • Every project has its own unique requirement.
  • This calls for bespoke wire suspension solutions.
  • Lead times must be short.
  • To achieve this we stock a comprehensive range of component parts and produce the variable wire elements in house and 100% test.
  • We provide everything you need from ceiling to fitting!

Our product range consists of

1. Ceiling Bosses 

High quality turned parts that connect to the ceiling by way of an M6 hole. They also provide a means to capture and secure the suspension wire.

2. Suspension Wires 

Galvanised wire rope cut and terminated, please specify your wire length from ceiling boss to clutch or fitting.

3. Clutch Mechanisms

The adjustment mechanism which enables the whole suspension system height to be adjusted and balanced.

4. Fitting Connections

Typically the connecting method is either directly to the fitting or by way of a splitter wire. This allows two points of connection. We have a broad variety of components to suit every requirement.