BFC Security introduce fastener torque guidelines to the fencing industry

Posted by: Unknown
Date: 1st May 2019
We have updated our range of security fasteners packaging, in a bid to end some overtightening which has consequently led to shearing. Following feedback from end-users, our Engineering Team commissioned investigations to determine fastener breaking point, before issuing torque guidelines within our packaging. Sales Director, Phil Havercroft, explained, “There needs to be guidelines because fasteners need to be installed correctly for the benefit of the whole industry. “The trouble is that some think they are going to be stronger if they keep on turning, which is not the case. That’s why we had our products independently tested to prove the ideal torque guidelines for our fasteners.” The instructed UK laboratory tested four specific areas: surface hardness, core hardness, ultimate tensile strength and sheer strength. Group Quality Manager, Callum Irvine, said, “Fasteners from random batches of our products were used by the UKAS accredited testing lab. They were taken to breaking point in conjunction with the rotational force which proved that without a doubt, our fasteners have been produced with quality together with a recommended torque of no more than 25NM”. “Thanks to our testing, we are one of the few, if not the only company in the UK to have undergone such a process in order to guarantees and guidelines for end users”. Maximum torque guidelines will be issued on BFC product packaging, in order to make buyers and installers aware, and reduce the risk of overtightening, resulting in a stronger fastening. If you’d like to find out more about BFC Security’s product portfolio, including our industry renowned security fasteners Argus, Fourtress, Powerdrive and Tamperdrive screws, contact our Sales Team or call 01494 565 151.